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We are the UK’s leading provider of high specification timber windows and doors.

We are a leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality timber windows. Our products are made to order and designed in-house to suit your requirements. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are passionate about creating top-quality wooden double-glazed windows and doors that will add value to your home. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive the very best from concept through to completion.

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Spring Sash Timber Windows

The spring sash timber window is a modern and more economical alternative to the classic box sash window. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism that allows for a smaller rebate and is often used in new builds where a flush reveal has been detailed by the architect.

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Box Sash Timber Windows

Core Timber’s modern-day version of the traditional timber box sash window uses cords, weights, and pulleys to counterbalance the sashes in the traditional way. It is suitable for conservation areas and new builds that capture historical detail while providing modern performance. It’s perfect for projects where architects are looking to create beautiful period properties while also meeting current building regulations and client requirements.

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Our process


The Core Timber journey starts with a conversation with one of our team members or a comprehensive home or site design survey. We will explore your ideas and create a customized plan of action.


Once our team finalizes the plans, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate for your project. The typical turnaround time for an enquiry to estimate is 5-10 working days.


Our UK-based manufacturing facility fuses traditional skills with modern technology to create your unique product in 6-10 weeks.


We take great care to deliver high-quality manufactured products and renovation work that exceeds our customers’ expectations. The installation of your windows will take place between weeks 10 and 16, depending on the project.