Timber Windows: Are They Worth the Cost?

Timber windows are a popular choice for homeowners who want a stylish and durable window that will last for many years. However, timber windows are also more expensive than other window materials, such as uPVC.

There are a few reasons why timber windows are more expensive. First, timber is a natural material that is more expensive to produce than synthetic materials like uPVC. Second, timber windows require a more labor-intensive manufacturing process. Third, timber windows are typically finished with a three-stage process that includes staining, sealing, and varnishing. This finishing process adds to the cost of timber windows.

Despite the higher upfront cost, timber windows can save homeowners money in the long run. Timber windows can last for up to three times as long as uPVC windows, which means that homeowners will not have to replace them as often. Additionally, timber windows are more energy-efficient than uPVC windows, which can save homeowners money on their energy bills.

Of course, the cost of timber windows will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the windows, the type of timber used, and the glazing options. However, in general, timber windows are more expensive than uPVC windows.

Here are some of the pros and cons of timber windows:


  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Stylish
  • Can be customized


  • More expensive than other window materials
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Can be susceptible to rot and decay

If you are considering timber windows, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. If you are looking for a durable, energy-efficient, and stylish window that will last for many years, then timber windows may be a good option for you. However, if you are on a budget, then you may want to consider other window materials.

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