What are the benefits of keeping and restoring traditional wooden sash windows in your London townhouse

If you own a London townhouse with original wooden windows, you may be tempted to replace them with modern alternatives, such as uPVC or aluminium. However, before you make such a decision, you should consider the benefits of keeping and restoring your traditional timber windows, which can add value, character and performance to your property.

Original wooden windows are an important aspect of London architecture, as they reflect the history, style and function of different buildings and periods. They can also enhance the appearance and proportion of facades, creating a harmonious and attractive look that appeals to buyers and visitors alike.

According to Historic England, the loss of traditional windows from older buildings poses one of the major threats to our heritage, as they make an important contribution to the significance of historic areas. Replacing original wooden windows with inappropriate materials or designs can have a profound effect not only on the building itself, but also on the appearance of the street and the local area.

Wooden sash windows in a London townhouse

Moreover, original wooden windows can offer better performance and durability than their modern counterparts, if they are well maintained and repaired. A study by Heriot Watt University found that wooden windows made to Wood Window Alliance standards have a planned service life of 60 years, twice as long as uPVC windows. They also provide better insulation, ventilation and soundproofing than other materials.

Wooden windows are also more versatile and sustainable than other options, as they can be easily repainted or stained to suit different tastes and styles, and they are made from renewable and recyclable resources. The Wood Window Alliance claims that replacement timber windows can increase a property’s value by around 10 percent, as well as saving on fuel bills and reducing condensation.

Therefore, if you want to preserve the value, character and performance of your London townhouse, you should consider keeping your original wooden windows and restoring them to their former glory.

If you live in London and are looking to repair or replace damaged wooden sash windows, contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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